• Jishukan Ryu Australia

    Learn self-defence, get fit, develop self-confidence

  • Jishukan Ryu Australia

    Jujutsu - Kempo - Jojutsu

  • Jishukan Ryu Australia

    Be Courteous to Each Other - Study with a True Mind - Teach with Kindness

  • Jishukan Ryu Australia

    Be Master of Yourself

  • Jishukan Ryu Australia

    Acquire Skills: Moving, Falling, Striking, Blocking, Locking, Throwing

  • Jishukan Ryu Australia

    Train in a safe and friendly environment

  • Jishukan Ryu Australia

    A lifetime of learning

Jishukan Ryu Australia is celebrating 60 years in Australia

1961 - 2021

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What is Jishukan?

A National organisation, we are a traditional Martial Arts School that maintains strong links with Japan…

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Our instructors are certified by the Headquarters in Japan and are required to hold First Aid certificates, Working With Children checks and National Coaching Accreditation…

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