May 10, 2018

What is Jishukan Ryu

The Australian Branch of the Jishukan Ryu (School) was established in January 1961 and is an authorised Branch of the Jishukan Ryu Honbu (Headquarters) in Yokosuka, Japan and continues to further its development through this long-standing relationship.

Jishukan Ryu Australia is a non-competitive, non-profit organisation with clubs in NSW (2), ACT (2), QLD (1), VIC (1) and WA (2). We are an Incorporated Association incorporated in the ACT.

Jishukan Ryu aims to teach self-defence whilst promoting physical and mental wellbeing. The motto of the Australian school is “Be Master of Yourself” and the basic precept of the School is to always exercise self restraint and humility.

Jishukan Ryu is a traditional school of martial arts combining:

  • Kempo: striking, kicking and blocking techniques, together with body movement to avoid attacks
  • Jujutsu: a standing style of Jujutsu which incorporates strikes to vulnerable points, joint locks, throws, and the use of the opponents’ force
  • Jojutsu: short stick techniques

These techniques provide a solid foundation for practical self-defence.

We value physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and believe this comes from our commitment to doing one’s best, both inside the dojo and in daily life.

Our simple philosophy is based on the school’s three guiding principles:

  • Be Courteous to Each Other
  • Study with a True Mind
  • Teach with Kindness