May 10, 2018


Jishukan Ryu Australia was founded by Col. James Laughlin who retired from active participation in December 1990 and sadly passed away in 1993 having attained the honorary grade of 8th Dan and title of Saiko Komon (Supreme Councillor).

A number of organisational structures have been adopted over the history of the organisation, each with approval of the Honbu.   The current organisational structure is as follows.

The Council in Australia is responsible for the grading, appointment and promotion of members to shodan and above, development of the syllabus, contact with the Honbu in Japan, and the establishment of general policy.   Under the Rules of Jishukan Ryu Australia Inc, the functions of the Council are shared between two bodies – the Executive Council and the Advisory Council.

The Executive Council formulates strategies for improving and developing the syllabus, the standard of training and instruction in Jishukan and the depth of understanding of the techniques of Jishukan by members; provides oversight over and guidance to the Dojo Committee (see below); communicates with Jishukan Honbu in relation to recommendations for promotions; and provides the conduit for communications between Jishukan Ryu Australia and Jishukan Honbu on all matters.  At present it comprises the following members:

Charles Younge5th Dan ShihanChairperson
John Finn4th Dan RenshiSecretary
Bernie Quinn4th Dan RenshiChief Instructor

The Advisory Council comprises the most senior and experienced members of Jishukan Ryu. Its function is to provide advice, guidance, consultation and mentoring to Executive Councillors and Dojo Heads individually and collectively and provide advisory support to the Executive Council and the Dojo Committee in the discharge of their functions.  At present it comprises the following members:

John (Jo Yu) Morrissey7th Dan Shihan
Chris (Zen Ho) Fearon6th Dan Shihan
David (Den Ho) Becker5th Dan Shihan
Stan (Jo Ho) Blundell5th Dan Shihan
June (Jun Ho) Martin5th Dan Shihan
James (Yu Ho) Martin5th Dan Shihan

The Dojo Committee comprises the head of each dojo at which Jishukan instruction is provided as well as some senior members who carry out particular roles necessary for the proper administration of the organisation.  The Dojo Committee is responsible for the day to day operations of Jishukan Ryu Australia Inc.  At present it comprises:

Albury (NSW)Hugo Bowman3rd Dan Jun-Shidoin
Erindale PCYC (ACT)Rodney Bourke3rd Dan Shidoin
Hornsby PCYC (NSW)Courtney Siepen3rd Dan Shidoin
Illawarra PCYC (NSW)Graeme Goodman4th Dan Renshi
Melbourne (VIC)Bernie Quinn4th Dan Renshi
North Canberra (ACT)Kingsley Avery2nd Dan
Northern Beaches (NSW)Brett Milne3rd Dan Jun-Shidoin
Rockingham PCYC (WA)Charles Younge5th Dan Shihan
Tuart Hill (WA)Victor Stuart4th Dan Shihan-dai
Toowoomba (QLD)Jason Lloyd3rd Dan Shidoin
Umina PCYC (NSW)John Finn4th Dan Renshi
Public OfficerRodney Bourke3rd Dan Shidoin
TreasurerTim Bourke3rd Dan Shidoin

From the Dojo Committee, two (2) Dojo Heads are selected to be Shibu Cho, or Area Commanders, for the Eastern and Western halves of Australia.  The role of the Shibu Cho is the management of regional and interclub matters and affairs and coordination of regional and interclub events in the East and West of Australia respectively.  Currently the Shibu Cho for the West of Australia is Shihan Charles Younge and the Shibu Cho for the East of Australia is Renshi John Finn.

The organisational structure of Jishukan Ryu Australia Inc described above is summarised in the chart below.